Up to 1 Metre Reading Range 125KHz YJ322 wiegand 26 interface rfid reader in Car Parking Equipment from Security Protection

Up to 1 Metre Reading Range 125KHz YJ322 wiegand 26 interface rfid reader in Car Parking Equipment from Security Protection

Product Specification

Model Number: YJ322-WG26

Work Freqency: 125KHz

Card Type: EM/ID Card or 1metre Middle Range ID/EM Card

Color: Dark Grey

Size: 230*230*35(mm)

Reading Range: 0-100mm

Standard Interface: International Wiegand 26

is_customized: Yes


YJ322 Middle range reader

YJ322 is a 70-100cm Card Reader with fast reading speed.

Can support EM-ID Card/Special EM-ID Middle Range Card.

Widely used in RFID System.


Color: Black

Size: 230 x 230 x 35mm

Working Voltage:  DC 12V

Static Current:  ≤100mA

Reading Range: 0-100CM

Reader card speed:  0.2/s

Card Type:  EM-ID Card/Special EM-ID Middle Range Card

Ambient Temperature: -25 - 75 degree

Frequency: 125kHz

International Standard Wiegand Interface,RS232/RS485 Optional

(PS: this link is for Wiegand 26 format, if you want Wiegand 34, RS232 or RS485,

        pls go to the RS232 or RS485 link to order, thanks) 

More than 100M Communication Distance



Using “+

type screw driver to loosen the screw between the panel and motherboard. And 

then embed the motherboard to the side wall with the plastic plug and screws.


Wire Connection:

Red DC 12V

Black GND

Green D0

White D1



1. Confirm the electric voltage (DC12V) and differentiate positive anode and cathode 

of power supply

2. When external Power is used, make sure sharing the power with Controller Box or 

using the same GND

3. When the distance between card reader and controller is more than 50m, please use 

Power Linewith at least 1.5 square centimeter, or using several parallel Network wires

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